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Chief Instructor Ueki Masaaki

Chief Instructor Ueki Masaaki

Chief Instructor, Ueki Masaaki

植木 政明 第三代首席師範Master Ueki Masaaki who succeeded the second chief instructor Sugiura, and inaugurated as the third chief instructor. Since high school, he studied under Master Sugiura(the second chief instructor), then went on to Asia University. Soon after graduation, he joined the Japan Karate Association as the sixth trainee and later got excellent results in numerous competitions. As the head instructor of the headquarters, he was devoted to the development and instruction both within and outside Japan. He served as executive director since July 22, 1995 and greatly contributed to the development of the Japan Karate Association. He was inaugurated as the third chief instructor from May 29, 2010 up to present.


Born in Tokyo
Studied under Kimonenba Dojo (now, Koganei Branch) Master Sugiura.
Graduated from Asia University
Joining the Japan Karate Association (6th trainee)
Shining in the crown of overall victory
Inaugurated Managing Director
Karatedo 9th Dan awardee
Inaugurated as the third principal chief instructor

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