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Event Information (2019)

Event Information (2019)

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Apr 11 (Thu) ~ Apr 14 (Sun) International Joint Training Camp (Spring) Sohonbu Dojo
Apr 14 (Sun) International Board of Directors Meeting Headquarters Meeting Room
Apr 29 (Sat) Shotosai : Master Funakoshi’s Memorial Service Enkakuji Temple in Kamakura
May 2 (Wed) Anniversary of the Foundation of the JKA
May 25 (Sat) Regular Meeting of Board of Directors Sohonbu Dojo
May 26 (Sun) Dan Examination (Regular) Sohonbu Dojo
June 15 (Sat) Boards of Trustees Regular Meeting Headquarters Meeting Room
June 23 (Sun) Kanto Students Regular League Tournament Ajia University
July 6 (Sat) 62th National Championship Tournament (Team and High School Students) Musashino Forest
Sports Plaza
July 7 (Sun) 62th National Championship Tournament Musashino Forest
Sports Plaza
Aug 3 (Sat) ~ Aug 4 (Sun) 62th Junior Championship Tournament Mie Prefectural
Sun Arena
Aug 13(Tue) ~ Aug 18 (Sun) Summer Holidays
Aug 17(Sat) ~ Aug 18 (Sun) JKA 2nd Asia Oceania Junior, Senior Karate Championship Tournament Thailand
Aug 25 (Sun) Dan/Kyu Examination (Regular) Sohonbu Dojo
Sep 27 (Sat) Instructor Trainee Entrance Examination Sohonbu Dojo
Oct 10 (Thu) ~ Oct 13 (Sun) International Joint Training Camp (Autumn) Sohonbu Dojo
Oct 13 (Sun) Shihankai meeting / Shihankai Training Sohonbu Dojo
Nov 16 (Sat) 19th Senior National Tournament Bunkyo Sports Center
Nov 24 (Sun) Dan Examination (Regular) Sohonbu Dojo
Nov 29 (Fri) Instructor Trainee Entrance Examination Sohonbu Dojo
Dec 1 (Sun) Kanto Students Regular League Tournament Sohonbu Dojo
Dec 22 (Sun) The Last Training of the Year (Keiko Osame) Sohonbu Dojo
Dec 23 (Sun) ~ Jan 6(Mon) Winter Holidays

Year 2020

Jan 7 (Tue) Open Dojo and Office for the year Sohonbu
Jan 7 (Tue) The First Training of the Year (Keiko Hajime) Sohonbu Dojo
Jan 12 (Sun) Kagami Biraki Ceremony Sohonbu Dojo
Jan 20 (Mon) ~ Jan 26 (Sun) Kan-geiko : Midwinter Training Sohonbu Dojo
Jan 25(Sat) Instructor Trainee Entrance Examination Sohonbu Dojo
Feb 15 (Sat) Shihankai Meeting/Shihankai Training Headquarters Meeting Room
Feb 23 (Sun) Dan/Kyu Examination (Regular) Sohonbu Dojo
Feb 29 (Sat) 7th Seminar for Women Sohonbu Dojo
Mar 21 (Sat) Board of Directors Rergular Meeting Headquarters Meeting Room

The Japan Karate Association is a Public Interest Incorporated Association certified by the Cabinet Office and is committed to cultivate youth with quality.
The Prime Minister Cup and the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports Cup are awarded to the national convention hosted by the Society.