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About Japan Karate Association

About Japan Karate Association

About Japan Karate Association

The Japan Karate Association, as a Karate-do Public Interest Corporation based on the approval of the Ministry of Education approved (Commission No. 180) in April 10, 1953, has been a popularization and guidance of Karate-do in both domestic and international countries, but in Japan, we believe that it is the responsibility to inherit and develop the precious martial arts culture that was born and raised in the right way.

To contribute to the improvement of the posture of the people and the recharge of a sound martial arts spirit by using the research and guidance of the Karate-do to improve its skill and spread self-discipline. It also aims to contribute to world peace by disseminating the spirit of Japanese martial arts which respects courtesy to all over the world.

In order to achieve these objectives, the corporation mainly engages in the following businesses.


Since the formation of the Japan Karate Association in May 1954, we have been consistently promoting the guidance of Karate-do until today, but from the beginning we train professional instructors who completed their own curriculum. We have established a solid foundation.

In addition, the educational philosophy of trying to complete the personality of their own from a hard daily training is gaining high evaluation and trust both at home and abroad, already being adopted as a school’s regular course and also for youth education. We have built a strong achievement.

In the headquarters Dojo is responsible for more than 30 professional instructors who are instructing not only domestic people but also from various parts of the world as well as responding to dispatching requests from all over the world and the Japan Karate Association is the world’s largest. It is the organization of the highest technical guidance and the strongest player is nurtured.

JKA All Japan Karate Championship

The Japan Karate Association, a public-interest corporation, holds a national convention every year as a part of its activities. In October 1954, at the Tokyo gymnasium, we held the 1st JKA All Japan Karate Championship, we began to make a game of Karate-do for the first time, after that the Karate-do spread widely around the world with the explosive rapidity, and at the 5th convention What. Today, we have reached today as the representative Karate-do tournament with the most historical scale and contents, including giving us the presence of Japanese present Emperor (As of the moment: Crown Prince) at the moment.

JKA National Junior Karate Championship

In recent years, accompanying the rapid spread of Karate-do to young people, from the 26th JKA All Japan Karate Championship, JKA National Junior Karate Championship are to be held separately and grandly, and similar to the general tournament, each prefecture convention Top players from all over the country are held at elementary school and junior high school students who won the national preliminary rounds of 6000 individual fights and group battles nationwide.

Funakoshi Gichin Cup World Karate-do Championships Tournament

Supreme Master Funakoshi Gichin who can be said to be the founder of Karate-do literally, which was renamed as “Karate-do” with the courage and belief in the name of “Karate-Jutsu”.

Based on the teachings of Master Funakoshi, a great event, we are promoting the correct dissemination of Karate-do throughout the world and contributing to world peace. 140 countries around the world are members of the Japan Karate Association, a public utility foundation, and are held everywhere in the world every three years.

This tournament is the largest in the world, players from the world gather from the world’s best technicians, from among the Japanese, select the strongest athletes from among the players selected from each prefecture, participate as representatives of Japan We are active.

Both officials and players in each country who have come from all over the world beyond national differences, discontent of words, etc. are representatives who have inherited the teaching of Master Funakoshi.

The Japan Karate Association is a public benefit corporation certified by the Cabinet Office and is committed to cultivate youth with quality.
The Prime Minister's Cup and the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Cup are awarded to the national convention hosted by the Society.