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【Zimbabwe】 Zimbabwe JKA 2017 Report

【Zimbabwe】 Zimbabwe JKA 2017 Report

【Zimbabwe】 Zimbabwe JKA 2017 Report

Zimbabwe JKA 2017 Report

Zimbabwe JKA had quite an eventful year both technically and administratively, although
economic challenges continue to propose a serious threat. The association continues to build
upon its past successes with the hope that the current generation of karatekas will build upon
the ZJKA legacy. Below is a brief summary of events that were of significance within
Zimbabwe JKA in the year 2017.

1. International seminars
1.1 During the year under review, ZJKA did not second any senior instructors to regional or
international seminars, although planning was underway for Sensei Phibion Mudzenda to
travel to Japan in 2018.

2. Local seminars
Zimbabwe JKA hosted a few gasshukus which, enjoyed good turnout. The seminars were as
2.1 On 4th March 2017, Standardisation seminar, Gweru
2.2 On 3rd June 2017 A seminar on incorporating Judo techniques into karate, Gweru
2.4. On 1 July, Gasshuku, Gweru
2.5 From 29th November to 1st December Training with Sensei Edward Mtshali, Director
JKA Africa Region, Gweru
2.6 17th December Gasshuku, Bulawayo

3. Competition
3.1 Zimbabwe JKA held the ZJKA Memorial championship in Bulawayo on 17th December
3.2 Some ZJKA members took part in the Gibson Sangweni Shoto Cup held in Bulawayo on
29th April 2017 under WKF rules..

4. Meetings and ceremonies
4.1 The general membership met on 1st July 2017 to review progress of the constitutionmaking
exercise. There was also a handover of 6th Dan certificates to Senseis Phibion Mudzenda and Gibson Sangweni

5. Gradings
5.1 A Dan grading was held on 1 December 2017 under the examination of Sensei Edward
Mtshali. A total 16 candidates passed the examinations (1st to 3rd Dan)
5.2 Several Kyu gradings were held in respective dojos countrywide.

6. Future plans
6.1 To train for and send a team to the JKA/WF Africa Cup in August 2018
6.2 Facilitate the attendance of at least one senior instructor to the JKA Camp in April 2018.

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