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【USA】Miami Shotokan 30th Anniversary Summer Camp

【USA】Miami Shotokan 30th Anniversary Summer Camp

【USA】Miami Shotokan 30th Anniversary Summer Camp

We are deeply honored to Kunio Kobayashi Sensei (JKA 7th Dan) for presiding over our inaugural 30th Anniversary Summer Camp this year (July 26-30, 2023).  It was our biggest attendance ever – over 100 participants from our fellow karate-kas in JKA American Federation as well as JKA friends in the Caribbean and Central/South America joined in our festivities.

Sensei Kobayashi had a robust curriculum of Kihon, Kata and Kumite drills that not only reviewed a variety of classic katas for all participants but was also enlightening for our instructors to learn how Sensei designs each lesson with building blocks of Kihon, that augment the Kata and on through to application for Kumite.  In addition, Sensei encouraged us to work on our physical condition – he showed us combinations that work on our large muscles which fuels our speed and give us the ability to execute our techniques with force and effectiveness.  It was invigorating and definitely something we  will incorporate in our dojos.

Congratulations to all our new Dan(s) who had the privilege of testing with Sensei Kobayashi.  His feedback and encouragement will sustain them for years to come.  We are grateful to Sensei’s support in celebrating a milestone camp for us, his friendship and teaching anchors us to JKA and inspires us to train hard and do our part to uphold Karate’s Highest Tradition.

We appreciate Jerry Kattawar Sensei, Vice Chairman of JKA American Federation for supporting our club and joining us on this auspicious occasion.

Despite this year’s record-breaking heat, it was a wonderful camp – a time to fellowship, train under world-class instruction AND enjoy the beautiful beach venue at Key Biscayne, Florida on Sunday (our distinctive beach training/BBQ).

We invite all our karate friends to join us next year!

Sensei Jose Ferrand
Miami Shotokan Karate Club



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