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【USA】First Shogai Budo Tour of Okinawa

【USA】First Shogai Budo Tour of Okinawa

【USA】First Shogai Budo Tour of Okinawa

We would like to report on the first Shogai Budo Tour of Okinawa, October 6 to 11, 2022, sponsored by JKA Karate NY Shiroma Dojo.  The tour was led by Shiroma Sensei from New York with instruction by Izumiya Sensei from Tokyo Honbu Dojo.

This was our first Okinawan tour and our first chance to meet in person with some of the friends we have made online during the pandemic.  Tour participants included karateka from the USA, Australia, and Japan.

We visited Kudaka Island and trained there. And we visited many important sites on the main island of Okinawa including Itosu Sensei’s tomb, and Matsumura Sensei’s tomb.  We participated in an evening at Shuri Castle, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Funakoshi Sensei introducing karate to mainland Japan. We visited Torazuyama, one of Funakoshi Sensei’s favorite spots and practiced kata there.  And we visited the Karate Museum (Kaikan) and had a memorable practice there in front of the Shurei no Yakata.

Shiroma Sensei was especially happy to share his beautiful home islands and Okinawan culture with everyone.  Everyone learned a lot from Izumiya Sensei’s instruction as always.  And all who joined us had a great time.  We hope to do it again next fall, after the autumn training in Tokyo. But for now, please enjoy this 40 minute video and travel to Okinawa with us virtually.


Betsy Shiroma
JKA Karate NY Shiroma


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