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【UGANDA】Karate in koboko

【UGANDA】Karate in koboko

【UGANDA】Karate in koboko

Koboko is a town found in the north western part of uganda bodering democratic republic of congo Rdc in the west and bodering south sudan in the north. It was from 3rd to 5th june 2022 when sensei dumba richard hosted us in kata and kumite event in which participant came all over from Drc.

Before the tournament we had training in heian katas especially heian yondan. Sensei asana mahmood told participant to always practice heian katas because perfection of heian katas is the perfection of advanced katas. The tournament went smoothly and the following where the winners of kata and kumite.


Kata winner

  1. musema manshur
  2. Omar jaspher job
  3. maskini muki


Kumite winner

  1. sanya charles
  2. maskini muki
  3. Musema manshur


Reported by sensei asana mahmood

Domo arigato gozaimas Oss.


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