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Taniyama Sensei in Australia

Taniyama Sensei in Australia

Taniyama Sensei in Australia

On 13th to 15th July 2012 the JKA/WF Australia organised its annual National Gashaku in Brisbane, Queensland. The association was pleased to host Taniyama Takuya Sensei (7th Dan) over three days.

The event was a great success with Shotokan Students travelled from various parts of Australia to train with Taniyama Sensei.

Sensei’s schedule:

Friday Night: (JKA Black Belts only)
6.30pm to 7.30pm

Saturday: (All grades)
Session 1: Kihon
Session 2: Kata (Heian 1 to 5)
Session 3 and 4: Gohan and kihon ippon Kumite

Dan & Qualification Testing – JKA members only.

Sunday: (Brown & Black Belts only)
Session 5 and 6: Sentai Kata (Jion & Bassai Dai)
Session 7: Kata (Chinte & Wankan)
Session 8: Kumite Drills

The theme throughout all sessions was hip rotation, balance, body shifting and weight distribution.


Kihon ippon kumite


Chinte Kata


Neko ashi dachi


More photo’s of the event can be viewed on the JKA/WF Australia Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/jkawfa


JKA / WF Australia looks forward to hosting many more events and promoting JKA Karate and we wish to thank Taniyama Sensei for his insightful teaching.


Congratulations to those students that passed their Dan and Qualifications exams.

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