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【SWITZERLAND】Sensei Sugimura Memorial Gasshuku in Bern, Switzerland, 4-7th August 2022

【SWITZERLAND】Sensei Sugimura Memorial Gasshuku in Bern, Switzerland, 4-7th August 2022

【SWITZERLAND】Sensei Sugimura Memorial Gasshuku in Bern, Switzerland, 4-7th August 2022

It is a pleasure to report to you about our summer Gasshuku “Sensei Sugimura Memorial Gasshuku” and Dan exams. Finally, it was possible to organize a Gasshuku without any COVID restrictions, the joy was great for all.

We greatly appreciated the two guest instructors from the JKA Headquarters Ogura Shihan and Kurihara Sensei, who travelled from Japan and conducted heartfelt and enthusiastic classes.

This year’s Gasshuku has exceeded all our expectations, accurate and detailed JKA Karate techniques were taught non-stop at all levels by both masters and the Swiss instructor’s team, especially the important Kata points were covered in depth.

The impressive skills of both JKA instructors, Shihan Ogura and Sensei Kurihara, their personality, friendliness as well as their profound knowledge, generated enthusiasm among all participants.

Around 200 people from all over the country came to Bern to take part at the Gasshuku. Finally, back to karate training and back to normality, the joy was felt by everyone.
As every year, the organisers provided an excellent and well-organised event where joy and enthusiasm were felt everywhere.

The participants were divided into 4 groups and had 4 training sessions per day of Kihon Kata and Kumite as well as a health training (Cooling Down).

The training at the Gasshuku was always very intensive, sweating together, hard training, are part of the summer camp, it was a great Gasshuku with a lot of enthusiasm!
Our instructor team with Master Ogura and Master Kurihara from Japan and our instructors from Switzerland, Andrea Kennel, Christian Mundwiler, Berhard Isenegger and Tommaso Minì, provided an interesting and varied training.


Dan examinations

Sunday, as planned, the dan exams took place, everyone had trained very hard for the exams! 14 candidates passed their exams from Shodan to Sandan and were of course very happy.

Many thanks to Master Ogura and Master Kurihara for an unforgettable, successful week with top teaching in JKA Karate.

All of us trained very hard together renewing our commitment to keep the tradition of JKA Karate. But we also enjoyed spending time together outside of class and cherished our friendships.

We looking forward to next summer’s Gasshuku in August 2023.


Tommaso Minì
Chief instructor
Swiss Karate Do Renmei


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