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【SWITZERLAND】Sensei Sugimura Memorial Gasshuku in Switzerland, August 2023

【SWITZERLAND】Sensei Sugimura Memorial Gasshuku in Switzerland, August 2023

【SWITZERLAND】Sensei Sugimura Memorial Gasshuku in Switzerland, August 2023

Report about our summer Gasshuku “Sensei Sugimura Memorial Gasshuku” in Bern, which took place from 10 to 13 August 2023.


Around 210 people from all over Switzerland came to Bern to participate in Gasshuku 2023. As every year, the organisers provided an excellent and well-organised event where joy and enthusiasm could be felt everywhere.

It was a great honour to have Ogura Shihan and Kurihara Sensei leading the summer camp. Both Sensei were very warmly welcomed and together we had an instructive and exciting time.

All participants were divided into 4 classes according to Kyu and Dan levels. 4 training sessions per day, with Kihon- Kata and Kumite as well as a health training (Cooling Down) formed the daily programme.

The training was very intensive, but also exciting and instructive, the enthusiasm in the summer camp was clearly noticeable.
A big thanks goes to our instructor team with Shian Ogura and Sensei Kurihara from JKA-HQ Japan and to our instructors from Switzerland, Andrea Kennel, Christian Mundwiler, Berhard Isenegger, Daniel Brunner and Tommaso Minì, who ensured an interesting and varied training, during which all participants received important impulses about JKA Karate.

Dan examinations
As planned, the Dan examinations took place on Sunday. Some participants were nervous, but all had trained very hard for their exams!
12 Dan examinations from Shodan to Godan were passed and welcomed with great joy.

Many thanks to Shihan Ogura and Sensei Kurihara for an unforgettable, successful week of top teaching in JKA Karate.

We all trained very hard together and want to continue to work for the preservation of the tradition
of JKA Karate.
But also, the joy of spending time together outside the classroom and cultivating friendships are
cultural values that we want to further promote.

We look forward to the Gasshuku next summer, in August 2024.

Tommaso Minì
Chief instructor


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The Prime Minister Cup and the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports Cup are awarded to the national convention hosted by the Society.