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【SWITZERLAND 】31st Karate Symposium of the JKA Switzerland

【SWITZERLAND 】31st Karate Symposium of the JKA Switzerland

【SWITZERLAND 】31st Karate Symposium of the JKA Switzerland

The JKA Switzerland Easter Camp Symposium traditionally takes place during the Easter week. This year from 29th to 31st March 2024.

As every year in Mürren, a beautiful mountain village in the Jungfrau area at 1,650 metres above sea level, we had the pleasure to welcome Sensei Kazuaki Kurihara from the JKA Headquarters as
a guest instructor for the first time in Mürren.

Over 160 mostly adult participants traveled to Mürren from all over Switzerland. During the very intensive and varied training sessions, Sensei Kurihara always understood how to motivate all participants with his calm and competent manner and how to improve their performance with precise and targeted feedbacks.

A great training camp in the middle of the beautiful mountains of the Jungfrau region with high quality training sessions under the guidance of Sensei Kurihara and the instructors of JKA Switzerland.

The participants were divided into 3 groups: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and a group of club instructors. Two training sessions in the morning with basic Kihon for all groups, followed by kata with basic Bunkai. In the afternoon one session of kumite and one for club instructors.

The training always started with a short warm-up session where the focus was on flexibility and warming up the body.

Kurihara Sensei always knew how to inspire and motivate the participants, technically and didactically with top class JKA karate. The atmosphere during the training was excellent, intensive
JKA karate training where everyone was involved!

We would like to thank Sensei Kurihara and all the instructors of JKA Switzerland for their excellent support and for a great Easter Gasshuku with high quality JKA karate training.

There was no lack of socialising either, as almost all the participants were staying in the same hotel, so we got together for meals and after training for some happy hours with music and friendly socialising.
The 31st Easter Gasshuku came to an end on Sunday afternoon, and although the weather was not so good this year, with a lot of wind and snow, but also some sunshine, the enthusiasm was
We are already looking forward to the next Easter Gasshuku, which will take place again in Mürren, Switzerland, from 18 to 21 April 2025!

Kind regards

Tommaso Minì

Klingnau, 29. April 2024

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