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SPRINGCAMP in Belgium : A Great Reunion of the JKA family!

SPRINGCAMP in Belgium : A Great Reunion of the JKA family!

SPRINGCAMP in Belgium : A Great Reunion of the JKA family!

It is more than a tradition, it became an unavoidable element of the activity of JKA Belgium. The 2015 edition of this Spring Camp in Louvain La Neuve has known once more a great succes.


We have to admit that the programm of this year was exceptional.


Our guest of honor was this year UEKI Shuseki Shihan and all participants took the chance and the opportunity to have training with our undisputed Shihan.


The instructors staff was re-enforced with Bura Sensei, just became 8th Dan and Technical Director of JKA Europe, Chief Instructor of JKA Denmark.


Also our guest from Japan was Shimizu Sensei, who could enjoy for the second time the atmosphere in Belgium and for which our participants were very enthusiastic.


We had also the pleasure to receive instruction from Ohta Sensei, chief instructor of JKA England.


All this was under the responsibility of our Chief Instructor, Sensei Gneo Sergio, who completed the instructors staff with Belgian Instructors such as Honoré Raymond, Sawada Kazuhiro, Kasajima Keiichi , Vicaire Arnaut, Lorefice Bruno, Coupin Thierry, Barone Marco, and different young instructors, members of the Belgian National Team.


This camp had a very high pedagogic and encyclopedic quality due to spontaneity and strength of the instructors resulted in a very high level of instruction and in convivial atmosphere during this week-end.


Even if the translation is necessary to understand the smallest details and advises all participants from the different countries, such as the Netherlands, Denmark, Maroc, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, could be understood and feel the unity on this camp in a unique atmosphere .


In the shadow of the late Miyazaki Shihan, we received an outstanding standardization of Kihon and Kumite from Ueki Shuseki Shihan, followed by the teaching of the important points of the Heian and the Shitei Kata’s.


There was a diversity of basic training and Kata but also alternated with Higher Kata and this was devided in 7 different groups.


With great pleasure we already can look forward to our next appointment on the 26th, 27 th and 28 th of March 2016.


Philippe Wattieaux, Président JKA Belgium



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