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【SPAIN】International Course JKA España 2022

【SPAIN】International Course JKA España 2022

【SPAIN】International Course JKA España 2022

The penultimate weekend of October, exactly from 21 to 23 October 2022, was held in Yuncos (Toledo), the usual International Course of Karate Do, organized and directed by JKA España and its head Osamu Aoki Shihan.

This event is organized regularly every year, but due to the global pandemic that we have just suffered and various national and international restrictions, it has had to be postponed the last two years. In this course, at least one master from the Hombu Dojo JKA WF is usually invited.

This year, together with the Chief Instructor of JKA España AOKI OSAMU Shihan, we have had the privilege of having two referents of JKA WF coming from Tokyo, specifically IMAMURA TOMIO Shihan, which was his first visit to our country and NEMOTO KEISUKE Sensei, who has already come to visit Spain on more than one occasion.

Despite the geopolitical instability situation, the event has had a very good acceptance and about 100 participants of various nationalities have come. We had the privilege to welcome karatekas from France, Germany, Portugal and of course from Spain with all the members of JKA España.

The course, consisting of three intense days of practice and training, has developed normally. Different approaches of each of the teachers oriented to the improvement and correct understanding of Karate Do JKA, have allowed to work deep aspects of Kihon and use of the body, progressive application to the Kumite and development and improvement of the katas, both basic and superior.

The event ended with the completion of examinations of grade, up to Godan, and of qualification, up to level B for Judge and Instructor and C for Examiner. Both the theoric and practical content of the course, as well as the evaluations, have allowed the candidates to obtain not only the grade, if applicable, but also important improvement shades.

Finally, from JKA España we would like to thank the attendance and active participation of all the karatekas who attended, as well as the town of Yuncos with its political representatives, for the support of the city for the realization of the event. Oss!



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