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【ROMANIA】JKA WINTER CAMP 2019 with Shiina Katsutoshi Sensei

【ROMANIA】JKA WINTER CAMP 2019 with Shiina Katsutoshi Sensei

【ROMANIA】JKA WINTER CAMP 2019 with Shiina Katsutoshi Sensei



December 5-8, with Shiina Katsutoshi Sensei


For the first time in Romania, master Shiina Katsutoshi was impressed by the large number of children present at the trainings.

The first day, December 5, was only for beginners (9-6 kyu) and intermediaries children (5-1 kyu). There were intense training, with an emphasis on gohon kumite and kihon ippon kumite, on distance and timing, with various helping exercises. Kata Heian Shodan and Heian Nidan were also studied.

Friday, December 6, started with the black belt training, in which Shiina Sensei, taught Kata Gojushiho Sho along with bunkai applications, geri techniques study, and of course jiyu ippon kumite in the form of 3 and 4 partners. The training was followed by a very good course for the judges. In the afternoon, the group of intermediaries (5-1 kyu), was surprised by the amount of information. Kata Bassai dai, Heian Nidan and Heian Sandan, with many applications, and jiyu ippon kumite. Black belts featured kata Sochin, with important technical details explained by Shiina Sensei, tokui kata, and jiyu ippon kumite.

The training on Saturday morning started in the same energy note. Training with the intermediaries (5-1 kyu) was again very intense, kata Heian Yondan and Tekki Shodan, jiyu ippon kumite in several rounds, with the change of partners. I continued the training of the black belts as intensely, with many combinations with 1,2,3,4 partners, with techniques of kizami zuki, jun zuki, gyaku zuki, mae geri, mawashi geri, ura mawashi geri, in jiyu ippon kumite si jiyu kumite. At the end of the kata Hangetsu, a good breathing exercise.

Saturday afternoon was the program for dan examinations, instructors and referees. Shodan tests passed 8 practitioners, one for Nidan, one for Sandan and one for Yondan. The qualifications for instructor, referee and examiner were passed by 8 persons.

Sunday morning, the intermediaries group, continued with kihon ippon and jiyu ippon kumite, again with emphasis on distance and timing, with more partners, then kata Heian Godan and Bassai dai. The last training for the black belts was equally intense, jiyu ippon kumite and jiyu kumite with 4-5 partners, and finally kata Jitte, with some important technical details, regarding the differences from other kata. An excellent explanation given by the master Shiina, for the kata executions, was that when performing a kata you must express so much energy and strength that those who watch, stop from any movement, and get their attention 100 %.

All the exercises were impregnated by the special imagination and energy of the Shiina Katshutoshi Sensei, who brought everyone present from the comfort zone of the daily training sessions. More than 200 practitioners (150 athletes with 9-1 kyu degree, and over 60 black belts) participated in this event. I had one representative from Hungary, one from Switzerland and two teams from Germany (JKA Shokukai and JKA Limburg).

All participants from the large JKA family express their thank you, for this excellent Gasshuku, taught by Shiina Katsutoshi Sensei. Oss!


Zoltan Nagy
JKA WF Romania


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