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【ROMANIA】 3rd JKA Gasshuku Timisoara & Sannicolau Mare-Romania with Kunio Kobayashi Sensei

【ROMANIA】 3rd JKA Gasshuku Timisoara & Sannicolau Mare-Romania with Kunio Kobayashi Sensei

【ROMANIA】 3rd JKA Gasshuku Timisoara & Sannicolau Mare-Romania with Kunio Kobayashi Sensei

3rd JKA Gasshuku Timisoara & Sannicolau Mare-Romania
22-25 November 2018

This third JKA Gasshuku, organized by JKA WF Romania, the National Karate Association, invited from JKA Hombu Dojo, Sensei Kunio Kobayshi 7 dan, a high level instructor. It was a great honor for us to host and to offer Romanian hospitality.

Our Gasshuku started on November 22 in Sannicolau Mare with groups of 9-6 kyu beginners. More than 100 children from the 12 clubs of the national karate association were present. It was a great enthusiasm, and Sensei Kunio Kobayashi knew how to teach JKA karate, and the children were very receptive.

Basic techniques, oi zuki, soto uke, gedan barai, uchi uke, mae geri, zenkutsu dachi and kiba dachi, kata Taikyoku Shodan and Heian Shodan, were practiced. Sensei Kobayashi alternated various combinations with basic techniques and created diversity in training.

Friday, November 23, the day began with training for blacks belt and instructors. 30 people from Romania, Germany, Russia, Slovenia and Switzerland were present. It was training for Kumite.

Sensei Kobayashi put a special emphasis on exercises and techniques for the development of leg muscles and mobility of hips, with the development of strong positions. Sensei Kobayashi insisted on the transfer of the center of gravity, the dynamics and the explosion in the technique.

He went through choku zuki, kizami zuki, uraken uchi, gyaku zuki, mae geri, mawashi geri, kiba dachi and zenkutsu dachi. Also, the movement of the legs, the change of attack and defense distance, the relaxation of the shoulders and the arms. All this applied in kihon ippon kumite and jiyu ippon kumite. This was a very focused and high-value training.

Friday, November 23, in the afternoon, we started with 9-6 kyu beginner’s training with kihon elements, kokutsu dachi, shuto uke, and kata Heian Shodan. I continued with group 5 kyu-dan, with intense kihon training, kihon ippon kumite and details of kata Heian Godan.

Saturday, November 24, morning two groups 5-2 kyu and 1 kyu-dan, he went through Heian Yondan kata, technical details and applications, principles of movement and positions,  kata Jitte, as well as applications, technical details and principles.

Saturday afternoon, again the advanced groups, he worked Tekki Shodan, standardization, principles and applications, kiba dachi and weight control. I continued with training kumite, kiri kaeshi, kihon ippon kumite and jiyu ippon kumite with ou zuki, gyaku zuki, mae geri, mawashi geri, age uke, soto uke, gedan barai.

Sunday 25 November, morning, training with the advanced 5 kyu-dan team, a special training, kime waza. He went through the zuki waza, uke waza, uchi waza, geri waza all in a very interesting organizing of renzoku waza in different positions.  Again it was a great training, with the Kobayashi Sensei.

Sunday’s day ended with the tests for dan and the grades for the referee, instructor and examiner. Our association JKA WF Romania has promoted Shodan to Bihari Razvan, Nidan to Andra Purza and Denisa Tohanean, Sandan to Alin Voicau and Yondan to Paul Bertea. I have also been promoted to the grades of Instructor and Referee category D, Raoul Florea, Teodor Dolinschi, Doru Burdan and Alin Voicau. From Germany, Thomas Frommer was promoted to the C Instructor and Referee, and D Examinator.

More than 100 children with grade 9-6 kyu and about 100 advanced 5th degree kyu-dan were present at this Gasshuku.

This special event, the third JKA Gasshuku in Timisoara and Sannicolau Mare, was promoted on social networking sites on the official site of The National Karate Association JKA WF Romania, jkaromania.com, and on local televisions.


Zoltan Nagy

Chairman of JKA WF Romania



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