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【PORTUGAL】 International Fall Course in Lisbon with Kunio Kobayashi Sensei

【PORTUGAL】 International Fall Course in Lisbon with Kunio Kobayashi Sensei

【PORTUGAL】 International Fall Course in Lisbon with Kunio Kobayashi Sensei

Earlier this month, from the 1st to 4th November, JKA Portugal held it’s International Fall Course, in Lisbon.
This time, JKA-Portugal invited Kunio Kobayashi Sensei, 7th Dan from JKA Honbu, to teach and share his  experience and knowledge with all Shototokan Karate-ka in attendance, together with Peté Pacheco Sensei and António Pula Sensei (Chief Instructor and Vice-Chief Instructor of JKA-Portugal, respectively).
In attendance there were about 300 Karate-ka, of all ages (from 6 to 80 years old) and from all of Portugal.

On the 1st of November there was a special Training for Graduated Karate-ka, the 2nd November there was an Instructors only Training and, finally, Saturday and Sunday all karate-ka had the priviledge of learning from these amazing Senseis and more Instructors.

Also, on Saturday and Sunday there was a Katas Tournment, with the participation of over 100 karate-ka, from 6 to 13 years old.

Competitors were free to choose their Kata from Taikyoku Shodan and Heian Shodan to Heian Godan.

Kobayashi Sensei shared with all Karate-ka different techniques of Kihon – such as Chudan Choku-zuki, Chudan Oizuki, Jodan Shuto Uchi, Jodan Haito, Chudan Hasami-zuki, Yama-zuki, Yoko Empi, Mae Empi, Tate Empi e Otoshi Empi – and emphasized the importance of focus, speed and strengh. Also, Kobayashi Sensei recalled that it is of the upmost importance to have  a correct posture and keep the feet well supported on the ground.

All of these techniques were performed at Kumite, in a very effective way and, of course, also as in a self-defense perspective.

Last but not least, all participants had the opportunity to learn and practice diferent Katas –  Heians, Jion, Empi, Kanku Dai e Nijushiho – according to their own graduations.

JKA Portugal rejoices and thanks at the presence of Kunio Kobayashi Sensei and of all the Instructors, participants and staff. These Annual Trainnings started …. years ago, twice a year, always with the honorable presence of JKA Honbu Senseis and it is JKA Portugal’s intention to continue to do so, in the hope of further promoting JKA’s Karate.


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