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【POLAND】JKA Polands seminar with Izumiya Seizo Shihan

【POLAND】JKA Polands seminar with Izumiya Seizo Shihan

【POLAND】JKA Polands seminar with Izumiya Seizo Shihan

Between 10-12th of November 2017 JKA Poland, represented by its Chief Instructor Mr Mariusz Jewdokimow, 6th Dan JKA, hosted a seminar with Shihan Izumiya Seizo. The event took place in the sports centre located in Tarnowo Podgórne (near Poznań). Over 130 participants from Poland, Germany and Czech Republic trained for 3 days under Shihan’s instruction. Everyone was impressed by the deep explanation of basic techniques provided by Shihan. The seminar started with instruction on uke-waza and dachi techniques. The participants were also instructed on heian nidan, heian godan, and also more advanced kata such as tekki shodan and bassai dai. The seminar also covered training with a partner and kumite techniques. Everyone agreed that the seminar was very beneficial to the growth of their techniques and delivered a lot of food for thought.

On Saturday evening an official dinner took place, during which Shihan shared some personal stories and his philosophy on karate. The dinner was also an opportunity for its participants to socialize.

JKA Poland would like to express deep thanks to all the participants and encourages karateka from all countries to participate in its further events.

JKA Polands Chief Instructor Mariusz Jewdokimow, would also like expresses deep thanks to Shihan Izumiya Seizo whose visit was extremely beneficial to the development of the seminar participants and greatly contributed to the popularization of JKA karate in the region.


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