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Ogata Sensei in Porto Alegre

Ogata Sensei in Porto Alegre

Ogata Sensei in Porto Alegre

On June 1, 2 and 3 was performed Gashuku Annual JKA of Brazil, was the guest Koji Ogata Sensei Instructor JKA / HQ, also attended the Yasuyuki Sasaki Sensei, the JKA President of Brazil.

In three days of Gashuku Ogata Sensei demonstrated and explained to the translation of Sasaki Sensei the technical and philosophical foundations of the JKA style.

The Sensei Ogata won all practitioners with knowledge and sympathy.

Participants included more than 200 people in Lindoia Tennis Club in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul

On Sunday 3 was performed VII State Championship JKA Karate-do.

Thank you for JKA / HQ to send the Sensei Koji Ogata for this region of Brazil is already in practice traditional JKA Karate for over 30 years.


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