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【NORWAY】Winter Gasshuku 2nd – 4th December 2022 in Norway!

【NORWAY】Winter Gasshuku 2nd – 4th December 2022 in Norway!

【NORWAY】Winter Gasshuku 2nd – 4th December 2022 in Norway!

In December, the Norwegian Karate Association JKA with Lura Karateklubb as technical organizer held a fantastic winter Gasshuku in the Stavanger area for almost 220 participants from 11 different clubs from all over southern Norway.

The winter Gasshuku was held in “Vår Energi Arena”, which is a great new hall with all facilities, centrally located at Forus in the Stavanger region. The hall, with its easy access for all visitors, made a great setting for the event.

We had the privilege to welcome Nemoto sensei, 6th dan JKA from Honbu Dojo. Nemoto sensei was invited as “headliner” to this winter Gasshuku and was responsible for the instruction together with chief instructor Larsen sensei, 7th dan JKA, and senior instructors from the technical committee of the Norwegian Karate Association.

The instructors delivered inspiring and various kihon-, kata- and kumite sessions suitable for everyone from the beginners group to the more experienced black belt group.

Nemoto sensei provided great, detailed and motivating instructions for our highest graded practitioners. He put emphasis on direction and power, hips and balance to get a strong and good karate.

On Saturday, Nemoto sensei taught the kata Jitte and gave us a very thorough and detailed review of it.

Sunday was dedicated to the kata Tekki Sandan and Nemoto sensei gave us a very thorough and detailed review of this kata.

Nemoto sensei was very pleased with the motivated students and gave us positive feedback for the daily training sessions around our dojos.

For many of the participants, the grading was of course the highlight of the weekend, a grading which they have trained well and aimed for throughout the semester. Grading was held on Saturday for shodan (1st dan), nidan (2nd dan), sandan (3rd dan) and yondan (4th dan), while on Sunday grading was carried out for all kyu grades.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the winter Gasshuku such an exciting experience for all of us. It is wonderful to see such a dedicated and close group, across age and club affiliation.

We are now looking forward to a busy spring semester in 2023 with lots of exciting activities and especially to the summer camp at Stord on the first weekend in June 2023.

“Individually we are strong, but together we are stronger”.

Norwegian Karate Association JKA



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