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【NORWAY】JKA Norway’s dojo anniversary

【NORWAY】JKA Norway’s dojo anniversary

【NORWAY】JKA Norway’s dojo anniversary

JKA Norway’s three anniversary dojos came together to orchestrate a memorable jubilee week and Gasshuku, marking a significant milestone in Norwegian karate.

Bjørgvin dojo – 45years
Lyderhorn Dojo – 35 years
Nordås dojo – 30 years

With the esteemed presence of JKA HQ instructors Imamura sensei, Shiina sensei and Kobayashi sensei, the event was nothing short of exceptional.

The senseis taught breadth, technical depth and training with power, which made everyone challenge their mind, body and techniques

The Gasshuku attracted an impressive turnout, with 300 senior participants showcasing their martial prowess, and an additional 100 enthusiastic children partaking in the kids’ camp, a testament to the enduring appeal of karate among all age groups.

Notable dojos including Lyderhorn Dojo, led by the accomplished Sæle sensei, Bjørgvin Dojo under the guidance of the dedicated Pettersen sensei, and Nordås Dojo by the enthusiastic Moen sensei, all played pivotal roles in making this event a grand success.

JKA Norway Chiefinstructor, Clementsen sensei, followed the week and took the facilitating role in leading the JKA licensing examinations, with over 50 eager participants seeking to elevate their karate skills to new heights under JKA HQ masters.

Apprx. 120 Licenses was issued within JKA Instructor, examiner and judge skills.

A seremony of honorary JKA dan diplomas was held. Shiina sensei on behalf of JKA HQ board of directors, presented Honorary 3.Dan to JKA Norway’s President, Magne Skåtun and our special photographer Stig Mjåtvedt was presenter Honorary 1.Dan for their long standing service to JKA.

The week was a celebration of JKA excellence, camaraderie, and the unwavering commitment of JKA Norway and its dedicated members. Here’s to many more years of karate brilliance and growth.



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