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【NORWAY】JKA Norway Summer Gasshuku 9-12th june 2022

【NORWAY】JKA Norway Summer Gasshuku 9-12th june 2022

【NORWAY】JKA Norway Summer Gasshuku 9-12th june 2022

JKA Norway Summer gasshuku 2022 in Oslo – a huge success!


JKA Norway’s first summer gasshuku after the pandemic turned out to be a huge success with 300 participants and more than 200 gradings in total.
We had the great honour of having Imura sensei, 8.th dan JKA, present from JKA HQ. together with our own members from the national technical committee; Sæle sensei (6.th dan JKA), dos Santos sensei (6.th dan JKA), Pettersen sensei (6.th dan JKA) and our Chief instructor, Emil Clementsen sensei (6.th dan JKA).

The sessions coverd (i)Kihon; right use of stances, hand positions in uke-waza and keri, (ii) the Basic Kumite and developement to free sparring, (ii) Katas: Bassai Dai, Jion, Kanku Dai, Hangetsu, Gojushiho Sho, Heian 1-5 and Tekki Shodan.

JKA Members came visiting from several places in the country as well as Germany. It was completed 4 days of training and each session was divided into 6 divisions each day. It was a very good atmosphere with smiles and intense learnfull sessions. The gasshuku had an “open door policy”,  we were pleaced to see that some karate-ka from other Shotokan organisations did participate.

Nearly 50 people tried their best to test for Dan examination, some came through the eye of the needle to a new Dan grade from 1st to 5th Dan.
Students are already planning for the next summer Gasshuku in 2023.

Thank you JKA HQ for dispatching instructors to the world to secure proper JKA karate going forward.

Thank you,

Best regards


Emil Clementsen
Chief Instructor

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