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【NORWAY】JKA Norway summer Gasshuku 2023

【NORWAY】JKA Norway summer Gasshuku 2023

【NORWAY】JKA Norway summer Gasshuku 2023

JKA Norway summer Gasshuku 2023 was held from 8 June to 11 June. This is an event that JKA Norway holds once every six months. Here, karate practitioners from all over the country meet to train and learn from each other. Thus, one gains a greater perspective and deeper understanding of the different aspects of karate.

This year’s summer Gasshuku was arranged by Sandefjord Shotokan Karate Club (SSKC) and it became the largest training camp ever in Eastern Norway. A total of 27 clubs with 250 athletes participated. Many from clubs also outside JKA Norway. So it was really nice to see all the clubs together for a weekend to train together.

The success is due to much of the commitment we find among the instructors, the practitioners, the volunteers and the local business community. SSKC is both grateful and humbled that they were able to arrange this event for all the karate athletes in Norway, as well as for all the help they received that made the weekend memorable for many.

JKA Norway always cooperates closely with JKA Headquarters in Japan. This year, two high-ranking instructors arrived from the headquarters, Hirayama Yuko sensei 7th dan and Okuma Koichiro sensei 7th dan. They both excessed, demonstrated and communicated clearly to develop great understanding of the JKA way.

There was conducted a special instructor training for all licensed JKA instructors in the organization on the second day of the Gasshuku.

The common theme through the weekend was contraction and expsnsion of the body.

In addition to these two skilled instructors from the headquarters in Japan, this year’s summer Gasshuku has also been visited by skilled instructors from JKA Norway’s technical committee. Clementsen sensei 6th dan, JKA Norway Chief instructor, Sæle sensei 6th dan, JKA advisor, Pettersen sensei 6th dan, national team coach, and Cornell sensei 5th dan.

Sandefjord Shotokan Karate Club is a member of JKA Norway’s organization. This organization focuses on quality and competence. This also reflects their educational program for both their instructors and judges. JKA Norway values respect and humility highly. Something that is expected of training buddies, instructor and athletes. Thus, JKA karate has these five maxims: 1: perfect your character, 1: be faithful, 1: cultivate the spirit of perseverance, 1: respect others, 1: avoid violent behavior. All of these rules are equally important and are something that all karate practitioners should follow.

In addition to professional development, there was also a focus on having fun together.

Sandefjord Shotokan Karate Club thanks once again everyone who contributed to our summer Gasshuku and wishes you a very good summer!

Thank you.


Sandefjord Shotokan Karateclub on behalf of JKA Norway


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