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【NORWAY】JKA Norway Annual Autumn Gasshuku 2022

【NORWAY】JKA Norway Annual Autumn Gasshuku 2022

【NORWAY】JKA Norway Annual Autumn Gasshuku 2022

JKA Norway held its annual autumn Gasshuku for 2022, in the period 24th – 27th of November. The Gasshuku was arranged in Bergen, on the west coast of Norway. Approximately 320 participants, ranging from age 7 to 75 years, were attending the training sessions. More than 25 JKA clubs from all regions in Norway were represented. The Gasshuku coincided with the 35-year anniversary for JKA Norway and with the pandemic behind us, it was a particularly great opportunity to get back together to train JKA karate.

JKA Norway had the great privilege and honor to welcome Hanzaki Sensei (7th Dan JKA) & Takahashi Sensei (7th Dan JKA), from Honbu Dojo, Tokyo, as instructors at the Gasshuku. In addition,instruction was given by JKA Norway Chief Instructor Clementsen Sensei (6th Dan JKA), andmembers from JKA Norway technical committee, Sæle Sensei (6th Dan JKA), Dos Santos Sensei (6thDan JKA) and Moen Sensei (5th Dan JKA).

A great variety of instructions in Kihon, Kata & Kumite for all levels were given though 8 sessions over 4 days. The participants showed great motivation, enthusiasm and willingness tochallenge themselves, train hard and learn from the many highly knowledgeable instructors.

For many participants grading were a highlight which they had prepared for, for a long time. Saturday tests were held for Shodan, Nidan and Sandan, and Sunday tests were held for Kyu-grades.

Saturday evening a banquet was arranged for the instructors and participants. Almost 100 persons attended the party, which was a great opportunity to celebrate JKA Norway 35th anniversary and to have a good time with old and new friends.

A lot of happy and smiling faces on the last day revealed that the Gasshuku had been a great success and the participants are now looking forward to the JKA Norway summer Gasshuku in June in Sandefjord.

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