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【MOROCCO】Report of 3rd Gasshuku Morocco 2019 with Okuma Shihan

【MOROCCO】Report of 3rd Gasshuku Morocco 2019 with Okuma Shihan

【MOROCCO】Report of 3rd Gasshuku Morocco 2019 with Okuma Shihan

Morocco had the chance to welcome OKUMA KOICHIRO Shihan (6th DAN, headquarters of the JKA) as instructor for our seminar during the period from 12 to 17 June 2019, for this year we concentrated our 3rd Gasshuku 2019 on the Tangier city.

The city of Tangier is located in the North West of Morocco, just 13km and 45 minutes by boat to Spain, it contains many historic sites, a view of the Atlantic Ocean and the other on the Mediterranean Sea.

About 150 participants were present from all the cities of Morocco and also from other countries (Spain, Egypt). The days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights) of Gasshuku were for instructors and assistants. Saturday morning all levels were present on the beautiful beach of Tangier. Sunday, June 16, was dedicated to kata competition for little kids, and then a kumite tour for girls.

Okuma Shihan pointed out in this seminar on three essential points that the JKA gives more importance in the practice of karate: speed, strength and great movement. he also insisted on another important point is the displacement of the center of gravity to have good stability. These principles were applied to kata throughout the seminar.

OKUMA shihan learned from us an innovative method which aims to teach the practice of its essential points in Hian Shodan and jion as well as for Hian Nidan and Kankudai.

The whole family JKA Morocco will thank Okuma Shihan for the wonderful and inspiring teaching. We will be waiting for the next Gasshuku 2020 with Okuma Shihan.


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