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【MONGOLIA】JKA Mongolia’s Outdoor Training – September 3, 2023

【MONGOLIA】JKA Mongolia’s Outdoor Training – September 3, 2023

【MONGOLIA】JKA Mongolia’s Outdoor Training – September 3, 2023

On September 3, 2023, approximately 80 dedicated members of JKA Mongolia from our two dojos gathered at the National Park Football Field. Under the guidance of Giovanni Virardi Sensei, this outdoor training session was a day of unity, growth, and shared commitment.

Sensei Giovanni opened the day by warmly welcoming all participants and unveiling the JKA Mongolia agenda for the upcoming 2023-2024 academic year.

From 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM, participants engaged in a collective jog. This invigorating activity served not only to prepare their bodies for the day’s training but also to foster a strong sense of camaraderie among members.

Subsequently, the training seamlessly transitioned into Kihon practice. The focus here was on the execution of oi-tsuki, refining hip movement, speed development, breathing, and maintaining correct posture. Sensei Giovanni took the time to emphasize the role of hikite in perfecting techniques.

Kata practice followed, with participants divided by their experience levels. One group, under the guidance of our senior members Khangai and Gereltungalag, practiced Kata Taikyouku Shodan. Simultaneously, the more advanced practitioners received comprehensive instruction on Heian Nidan and Jion.

The training session then shifted its focus to Kumite techniques. Participants gained deeper insights into kumite strategies, with a particular emphasis on Kizami Tsuki and Maigeri.

The day’s training culminated with a series of plyometric exercises aimed at enhancing explosive power. Participants left with a profound sense of accomplishment and a renewed dedication to their karate journey.

Beyond the rigorous training, the day was marked by unity and enjoyment among JKA Mongolia members. It also served as a testament to the organization’s growth, with the impending opening of our third dojo. The event attracted numerous curious onlookers who expressed genuine interest in joining our vibrant karate community.

In summary, the outdoor training event on September 3, 2023, embodied the commitment and camaraderie shared by JKA Mongolia members. It provided a platform for learning, growth, and the fostering of the values and spirit that define us within JKA.



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