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【MEXICO】Report of the XXV Seminar of Karate 1

【MEXICO】Report of the XXV Seminar of Karate 1

【MEXICO】Report of the XXV Seminar of Karate 1

It was a complete success, the XXV International Seminar of the Japan Karate Association W.F. Mexico taught by Shihan Tatsuya Naka, from March 8 to 12, where more than 550 karatekas from 17 states of the Mexican Republic and the United States met.

The training lasted five days where the importance of the Tandem was seen, and the different types of movement of the body and the hip, all this together with tai Sabaki movements; The Heian and Tekki Shodan Katas were seen and the Gankaku, Jion, Basai Dai, and Chinte Katas were also studied in depth.

During the ceremony of the event, a tribute was made to Antonio Garcia Shihan, for his career as a Master of Karate Do in Mexico, and exhibitions of Kihon, Kata, Kumite, ParaKarate and Japanese weapons were held; Recognitions were given to the authorities of the Mayor’s Office, to the President of the Karate Association of Mexico City, and to the Japanese Embassy, whose ambassador could not be present for work reasons.

The exam day was also very full, 26 people from 1st Dan to 5th Dan and instructors were approved. The students who passed the Godan exam are: Miguel Guerrero, Santiago Manrique and Carlos Ogarrio.

Infinite thanks to Tatsuya Naka Shihan for sharing his knowledge with us, many thanks to the organizing committee of this great event.

Thank you JKA HQ Oss!!

Sincerely Juan Manuel Mondragón

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