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【MAURITIUS】The 1st JKA Mauritius Cup 2020

【MAURITIUS】The 1st JKA Mauritius Cup 2020

【MAURITIUS】The 1st JKA Mauritius Cup 2020

We have launched our 1st JKA Mauritius cup on the 30th August 2020 for both Kata and Kumite competition since our country is Covid Free for almost 6 months now.

The response was beyond our expectations since we had 315 participants and 53 teams. We enjoyed an excellent media coverage with the newspapers and our National TV who made a special program on JKA and the passion of our kids for Karate.

This year we noted a significant increase in the participation of girls who were very motivated to compete in both kata and kumite.

Mr. Yoshiharu Kato, the Ambassador of Japan made a great speech about Japanese culture whilst quoting Gichin Funakoshi ” Karate Ni Sente Nashi”, i.e. “There is no first attack in Karate. He also congratulated our Chief Instructor Koichiro Okuma Sensei for his 7th Dan”.


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