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【MAURITIUS】JKA Mauritius Activity Report 2020

【MAURITIUS】JKA Mauritius Activity Report 2020

【MAURITIUS】JKA Mauritius Activity Report 2020

Just before the lock-down the JKA Instructors of Mauritius have organized a karate Beach Camp on the Independence Day of our country on the 12th March 2018. We hope that you will enjoy our enclosed pictures that depicts our very good and positive mood.

We were very lucky in organizing such event because 1 week after, our Prime Minister announced a total lock down of the Island on the 19/03/20 owing to Covid-19.

During the 2 months lock-down, most JKA dojo’s have maintained some connection with their respective students by regularly doing ZOOM courses or by posting little video to keep practicing.

All Dojo’s have resumed their respective activities as from 23rd of June and we were very happy to meet and train all together.

All our members are very motivated and in so doing, we have planned our 1st National competition, i.e. 1st JKA Mauritius Cup which will be held at our Olympic Stadium in Côte d’Or on the 30th August 2020

Since Mauritius is now COVID FREE for more than 3 months now, we shall handle both Kata & Kumite competition.

We expect the presence of Ministers who have always supported JKA and our various activities.

Dr. Didier Samfat


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