The first international Gasshuku 2024 held by JKA Tunisia was hosted by none other than Koichiro Okuma Sensei from JKA HQ! Karateka and Senseis from several countries, including Algeria, Russia, Germany and Sweden, gathered to partake in special courses as well as examinations for either the next Dan grading, JKA instructor license extension or their judge license extension.

A great opportunity to learn and train from and with the best.
The Karateka looked at the basics of the many katas, especially on the Tekki katas, and went through the movements one by one to really understand and execute them well.

The courses for judges and instructors emphasized the importance of understanding basic principles as well, as they make the ground on which every sensei needs to build in order to be able to teach and judge their Katareka well.

The Karateka and Senseis not only trained together, but enjoyed their stay in Tunis with each other as well, trying out restaurants or going for a swim on the beach in-between training. Showing that karate is not only about what you do in the dojo, but also what you do outside of it, how you treat your fellow Karateka, and the importance of friendship between them.

Sensei Sofiene Ben Hadj Said, Chairman of JKA Tunisia as well and organizer of the Gasshuku, thanks all parties included in holding and hosting the event, as well as all Karatekas and Senseis partaking in it.

A special thanks to Sensei Koichiro Okuma for the amazing opportunity to learn from one of The most experienced in karate and making the first international Gasshuku an unforgettable experience!


Sofiene Ben Hadj Said, Chairman of JKA Tunisia


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