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【KURDISTAN】black belt exam on 11/3/2022

【KURDISTAN】black belt exam on 11/3/2022

【KURDISTAN】black belt exam on 11/3/2022

On  11/3/2022 the black belt exams were completed under the supervision of international expert  koichiro okuma sensei from Japan and ((JKA )) .

Our students have done it successfully.

The following are the names of the succeeded students.



  1. San Shwan Hussein.  (Shodan)
  2. Alan Abdulqadr. (Shodan)
  3. Zagros Satar Sadulla  (shodan)
  4. Saman Omer Hamad. (Shodan)
  5. Rayan Haydar Ali (Shodan)
  6. Shara Mahdy Muhedin.  (Shodan)
  7. Las Shram Muatasam.   (Nidan)
  8. Muhammad Omer Salim. (Sandan)


Thank you for your support

with my respect 



Aras Musa 

Chairman & chief instructor


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