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JKA-SKC Australasia report

JKA-SKC Australasia report

JKA-SKC Australasia report

JKA-SKC Australasia report :

Tatsuya Naka and Koichiro Okuma Senseis visit to Australia 28th to 31st January, 2016



JKA-SKC Australasia would like to thank Naka and Okuma Senseis for imparting their great knowledge to us during their recent visit to Australia. A total of 250 karateka benefitted from their expert instruction.

They visited the beautiful city of Sydney, tropical Mackay and finished their tour in Australia’s “cultural capital”, Melbourne.

At each venue, enthusiastic karateka were put through their paces with kihon, kata and kumite drills. While they are individual in their style of teaching, each Sensei’s approach compliments the other, enabling them to form the perfect team. It was this, coupled with the Senseis vast knowledge and sense of humour, which made each and every class extremely informative and enjoyable. Karateka came away from the seminars with a renewed passion for training.

We enjoyed each other’s company over many delicious meals where the topic of conversation was mainly karate waza and reminiscing on past events.

One of the social highlights was taking the Jetcat ferry from Circular Quay to Manly. Passing the enormous Queen Mary 2 is a memory that will live with all of us for a long time.


“Domo Arigato Naka and Okuma Senseis, please come back soon”.


Keith Geyer


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