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JKA New Zealand Gasshuku & Champs with Shihan Tatsuya Naka 13th to 16th March 2014

JKA New Zealand Gasshuku & Champs with Shihan Tatsuya Naka 13th to 16th March 2014

JKA New Zealand Gasshuku & Champs with Shihan Tatsuya Naka 13th to 16th March 2014



It was a pleasure for “JKA New Zealand” to host Shihan Tatsuya Naka; 7th Dan, General Manager of PR division of JKA HQ for a six day intense training program followed by National Championship.


Training sessions was held at three different locations in the North Island of New Zealand, in Pakuranga, Matamata and Davenport.


This was followed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with “The National Gasshuku”.


It was an impressive event held at the Howick College main gymnasium in Cockle Bay a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. Karateka’s from all across the country and internationally gathered together to train with Shihan Naka.


Training sessions were split into Junior (9th to 4th Kyu) and senior levels (Brown and Black belts) separately.


The training sessions lived up to the highest quality, with emphasis on Kihon, Kumite and Kata. All members, be it the junior most to the senior sensei’s all lined up together to train with enthusiasm and harmony under the watchful eyes of Shihan Naka.


Thursday 13th, March


First day of the camp, Juniors practiced Kihon techniques followed by Gohon Kumite. Seniors performed Tekki Sho dan Kata and Basic Kumite combinations orchestrated by Shihan Naka.


Friday 14th, March


More Kihon followed up with Ippon Kumite for Juniors. Seniors performed Kata Bassai Dai along with application, each move carefully explained and executed several times in order to perfect the movements with appropriate breathing.


Saturday 15th, March


Morning session for juniors was Heian Sho dan Kata and revision of Gohon and Ippon Kumite. Senior training comprised of Uchhi komi training along with partners.


Afternoon session stressed repetitive practice of Katas, from Heian Ni dan upto Heian Go dan for juniors. Seniors trained Heian San dan with basic kata and added variation in Heian San dan, a typical Sensei Naka touch which was very fasinating. , Its application and complete analysis (Bunkai).


Late afternoon was Dan grading up to Sandan and Qualification License examination for Instructors & Examiners for “D Kyu” & C Kyu “.


The evening was celebrated with a welcome party in honor of Shihan Naka where all JKA NZ Sensei’s, members and their families could interact on a one to one with Shihan at a beautiful Golf Venue in Pakuranga.


Sunday 16th, March was was “JKA National Karate Championship” which was very well attended by JKA members across the country. There was D Kyu & C Kyu Judges license qualification test held during during the tournament.


I take the opportunity to thank JKA Head Quarters, Shihan Naka and all JKA New Zealand members for making this event a grand success.


We look forward to repeat this event again in March 2015.




Karl Naoroji
JKA New Zealand

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