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JKA Christmas Camp

JKA Christmas Camp

JKA Christmas Camp

On Friday 7th, Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th December 2012 the fourth JKA Christmas Camp – an
international training course and grading – took place at La Roche sur Yon (Vendée – France).

As for Karate, more than half the 210 participants were either instructors or assistant instructors but
all grades benefited from the excellent teaching provided by the visiting sensei whose close
attention to detail and accessibility pleased everyone.

Over three days, karateka trained in separate groups according to their level and worked with
Tatsuya NAKA Sensei (Japan), Kazuhiro SAWADA Sensei (Belgium) and Daniel LAUTIER
Sensei (France). Studying and perfecting basics, working on kata and developing a feel for Kumite
allowed each person to improve their technical level.

On Saturday morning an Instructors & Assistants course was led by NAKA Sensei in order to
ensure that all work and teaching practices agree with the standards of the JKA WF, but also to
educate everyone in substantive work.

The JKA Christmas Camp organizers (the ‘Dojos Yon & Vie de Karaté’ supervised by JKA France)
had the pleasure of welcoming karateka from all over France as well as from abroad including
Algeria, Chile, Germany, Russia, and Switzerland.

As well as the excellent teaching, the Saturday evening party was another of the catalysts providing
the opportunity for everyone to develop and reinforce existing links between JKA members all over
the world.

The ‘Dojos Yon & Vie de Karaté’, their instructor Emmanuel ETIENNE and JKA France would
like to warmly thank all the participants in our fourth JKA Christmas Camp as well as Tatsuya
NAKA Sensei, Kazuhiro SAWADA Sensei and Daniel LAUTIER Sensei for their presence and the
quality of their instruction.

The dates for the fifth JKA Christmas Camp (next year) are 06th to 08th December 2013.


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