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JKA Berlin Autumn Camp

JKA Berlin Autumn Camp

JKA Berlin Autumn Camp

On the weekend of October 26th/27th more than 200 participants from Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Estonia took part in the Autumn Camp of the JKA Berlin with Imura Sensei. Imura Sensei has come regularly to Berlin since 1997 to teach us.

On the Thursday before that weekend Imura Sensei taught children and youngsters some basic skills and movements and Heian-Kata at Leidenkan-Dojo, the Honbu-Dojo of the JKA Berlin. On the following Friday 25 invited instructors of our group had the pleasure of attending an overwhelming and unique training. Imura Sensei taught us the Kata Jitte within 90 minutes, showing and explaining every single technique to the smallest detail and he monitored us exercising very attentively. We will keep the best memories of this training.

At the weekend more than 200 Shotokans took part in the training. Imura Sensei focussed on shifting weight in different positions and on the position of the elbow at hand techniques. While doing Kumite we recognized very quickly that you can’t attack or counter an opponent successfully without shifting weight properly and adjusting the elbows to the body. The training was rounded off by the Heian-Kata, Kanku Dai and Hangetsu.

Imura Sensei seemed to enjoy the teaching, so all of us were motivated to join in with great efforts despite all the sweat and the aching muscles. Lots of thanks to all of the participants, the many helpers and especially Imura Sensei for his terrific teaching!

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