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JKA Ireland students and instructors have trained virtually since 14th March 2020. Some live classes were held during 2020 under strict government protocols.

Classes were conducted online. Outdoor classes are permitted with limited numbers. Students have trained hard in these very difficult times.

On Sunday 27th June 2021, JKA Ireland Kyu, Shodan and Nidan Grading examination took place outdoor in beautiful sunshine under the watchful eye of Grading examiner Sensei Noel Casey, 7th Dan Chief Instructor JKA Ireland, at Cork City, Ireland.

48 kyu grades, 9 shodan and 1 nidan tested and all were successful in passing examination.


【SHODAN】Mark O’Mahony, Sarah O’Mahony, Ewan Mc Mullin, Eoin Desmond, Holly Cahill, Aaron Mc Cloat, Niamh Oliver, Dylan Mc Cloat and Isobel Thornton.

【NIDAN】Laoise Gannon.

Sensei Shane Thornton was presented with his Nidan certificate.
Sensei Kieran Kielty was presented with his Shodan certificate.
Sensei Keelan Gannon received his instructor and judge license from JKA HQ.

Sensei Casey and all at JKA Ireland are looking forward to when we can return to indoor training, Gassaku Nationl, European and World Championships.

Noel Casey
Chief instructor
JKA Ireland


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