This was the 8th official JKA karate camp in last 7 years hosted by the JKAWF INDIA since 2015. The JKA HQ was kind in accepting the request of assigning Katsutoshi Shiina Shihan, 7th Dan, the Technical Director, member of the Board of Directors, Shihan-kai Committee Member, Headquarter Instructor and former all Japan and world karate champion in India once again from 3rd to 8th December 2022.


3rd Dec: Shiina Shihan arrived at Kolkata early and checked-in the hotel for a well-deserved sleep.
The training session was scheduled from 12noon through 3pm for brown and black belts only. This was divided into three sessions covering Kihon, Kumite and then Kata, each over an hour-long session. Over 100 members of all ages took part and gave their best proving their development through hard work since Shiina Shihan saw them last May 2022. Apart from guidance on Kihon and Kata, Shihan emphasised on the correct procedure of Jiyu-Ippon Kumite and the trainees did rigorous training to Shiina Shihan’s satisfaction.
Shiina Shihan then handed over the JKA international Dan Diplomas and Licences to the successful candidates who qualified in the exams last May while the parents and well-wishers present encouraged the awardees with big round of applause. The loudest applause was received by Shidoin (association instructor) Dibyendu Mandal for his JKA Godan from Shiina Shihan.
The JKA Dan and Licence exams begun at 3:30pm sharp by Katsutoshi Shiina Shihan while the Technical Committee members of the JKAWF INDIA assisted Shihan during the process.


4th Dec: It was practically a rest day for Shihan. He went out for a brief sightseeing within Kolkata, taking small bites of Kolkata snack and sweets every now and then. Had an informal conversation planning the development of JKA in the country.


5th – 8th Dec: The JKAWF INDIA hosted a 4-days’ residential intensive training camp exclusively for the association instructors. The main agenda of hosting such a program was to standardise teachings of JKA karate across all branches in India, develop the technical skill of the association instructors and develop bondage amongst them.
The residential camp was well attended by the association instructors from the Indian states Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab, New Delhi, Jharkhand, Assam, and West Bengal. There was also an international guest from Kazakhstan.
The training was extremely demanding with no-tolerance attitude of very strict Shiina Shihan. The atmosphere used to turn immensely tense in the presence of Shiina Shihan in the dojo. It remained same even during the session breaks. The association instructors found the regime too hard to cope with initially but gradually picked up pace with the loud commands of Shiina Shihan. The participation of the Chairman – JKAWF INDIA Technical Committee Anil Sinha Sensei, now aged 70, one of the most senior JKA karateka in the country and other veterans of the association was highly motivational for the juniors to keep up with the pace.
Shiina Shihan covered the JKA’s 15 essential Kata with Bunkai of the important moves and stressed on developing Kumite. Shiina Shihan’s kumite sessions are physically demanding and sometime scary for karateka all over the world and even in Japan. A couple of hours was dedicated for learning of JKA competition rules and practice of Judges during the JKA championships. All Shiina Shihan’s sessions were highly educational and physical as well.
However, we found Shiina Shihan as a great socializer every evening after four hours of gruelling training. His philosophy is “train hard and party even harder” and that is the high point for all participants all during out the gasshuku.


Sona Ghosh Sensei, the General Secretary of JKAWF INDIA and the senior most veteran karateka of the organisation has formally thanked the association instructors for making the initiative successful and making the organisation proud for becoming the top JKA organisation in the world for the year 2022 by procuring 1250 JKA Passports this year.


RESULTS of the JKA examinations as declared by Katsutoshi Shiina Shihan:

JKA Shodan: 34
JKA Nidan: 3
JKA Sandan: 2
JKA Godan: 3
JKA Instructor D: 6
JKA Judge D: 3
JKA Examiner D: 1
JKA Instructor C: 3
JKA Judge C: 2
JKA Examiner C: 1

The JKAWF INDIA thanks Katsutoshi Shiina Shihan for his care and guidance; Masaaki Ueki Shuseki Shihan for his kindness and understanding; and the JKA Headquarters for continuous support.

The Japan Karate Association is a Public Interest Incorporated Association certified by the Cabinet Office and is committed to cultivate youth with quality.
The Prime Minister Cup and the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports Cup are awarded to the national convention hosted by the Society.