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【INDIA】 2019 JKA Kolkata Goodwill Karate Camp & Championship

【INDIA】 2019 JKA Kolkata Goodwill Karate Camp & Championship

【INDIA】 2019 JKA Kolkata Goodwill Karate Camp & Championship

1 May 2019:

The “JKAWF INDIA Kolkata” welcomed Fujikiyo Omura Shihan 8th Dan, Director of JKA Asia-Oceania Federation in “2019 JKA Kolkata Goodwill Karate Camp and Championship” in a grand manner on 1 May at the Space Circle Club, Kolkata.
Omura Shihan is welcomed by the parents dressed in traditional Indian attire at the Space Circle Club throwing red rose and yellow petals as he walked down the aisle and climbed the stairs. Tradition says that these petals are thrown to ward off evil spirits that may lurk below the aisle underground and the yellow petals will ensure faithfulness in relationship. It was Omura Shihan’s 66th birthday and therefore everyone wishing him for a long healthy life as he’s passing by their side. Omura Shihan then blewed the candle and sliced a huge three tired cake weighed 10kgs while over 500 JKA members from West Bengal, Assam, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala; and over 300 parents sang “Happy Birthday…” for him. All the participants were wearing a “Omura Musk” as an indication of their desire to become like Omura Shihan one day that made Shihan laugh and happy.
1 May was also the auspicious beginning of Japanese new era “Reiwa” that the members celebrated in the presence of the Chief Guest of the day, his Excellency Mr. Masayuki Taga, Honourable Consul General of Japan in Kolkata who latter attended dinner in a famous Japanese restaurant of the city along with the senior instructors of JKAWF INDIA Kolkata and Omura Shihan celebrating this special day.
Both Mr. Taga and Omura Shihan have handed over the most prestigious JKA DAN Diplomas up to 4th Dan and Technical Licenses up to Instructor C & Judge C to the candidates that passed under Shiina Shihan last January.
A spectacular demonstration of ‘Enbu” and “Tamashiwari”, board breaking was staged by Somnath Palchowdhury Sensei.
The technical focus of the day was kihon waza and kata heian nidan for kyu grades in two sessions; one and half hour each session. The main emphasise of the teaching was given to the use of hips that connects leg muscles with the upper body to generate maximum power (kime) in minimum effort. This fundamental aspect of JKA karate thereafter became the “theme” of the whole three day gasshuku.


2 May 2019:

The 2nd day of the event was scheduled for Instructors’ Training to standardise the technical aspects of JKA karate for the shidoin of the organisation. 52 instructors took part on the day where Omura Shihan had covered various kihon waza, kihon ippon kumite and kata… where the theme was to connect lower part of the body with the upper part and to accelerate power (kime) from ground through the limbs as technique (waza) by correct hip twisting. Kata Heian Shodan to Heian Godan and Tekki Shodan were covered. As the organisation is already grown big in pan India level, Shihan emphasise the important role of the instructors for long term development; step by step. The training was divided in to two sessions; 12 noon to 2 pm and then 3 pm to 5 pm.


3 May 2019:

The 3rd day was scheduled for continuation of Instructors’ Training where a few brown and black belts joined those who were not instructors but were specially selected to attend. Omura Shihan took the group through Bassai-Dai, Kanku-Dai and Jiion at the first session. The second session was for JKA Judges’ Seminar conducted by Fujikiyo Omura Shihan and assisted by Somnath Palchowdhury Sensei. All the participants have gone through the judge’s signals and thereafter referee’s signals and commands. It’s then time for testing their ability to implement that they have learned on mat in mock kata and kumite match situation.
The trainees felt much confident at the end of the session and seemed prepared to handle the next two days of goodwill championship.


4 May 2019:

The 4th day was the first day of two days goodwill championships and the first day were scheduled for “Kohai” Junior Championship (for Ungraded to 4th Kyu). Apart from the usual Individual Kata, Individual Kumite that includes Kihon Ippon Kumite an innovative event has been introduced “Kihon Contest” 基本試合。
It has been noticed that excessive drive for tournaments has seriously affected the growth of young karateka since their training orientation has completely shifted from Budo to Sports. In the process, the biggest casualty is the “grammar of traditional karate” that is fundamentals or kihon. To encourage young karateka improve in their fundamentals, “Kihon Contest” is being introduced with prior intimation to the JKA HQ.
In this type of contest two contestants, Aka and Shiro performed together a set of pre-determined basic techniques in front of 5 judges who decided the winner by flag system. Contestants from 10th kyu to 6th kyu had to perform step forward 4 x Oi Zuki Jodan & step back 4 x Age Uke; step forward 4 x Oi Zuki Chudan & step back 4 x Soto Uke; step forward 4 x Mae Geri & step back 4 x Gedan-barai Uke. Contestants from 5th kyu to 4th kyu had to perform step forward 4 x Sanbon Zuki & step back 4 x Age Uke – Gyaku Zuki; step forward 4 x Yoko Geri Kekome Chudan & step back 4 x Soto Uke – Gyaku Zuki; step forward 4 x Mawashi Geri & step back 4 x Uchi Uke – Gyaku Zuki.
This event attracted the maximum numbers of participants and appreciated by everyone present that include veteran instructors of JKAI in the state of West Bengal while Omura Shihan watched with great interest.


5 May 2019:

The 5th day was the second day of two days goodwill championships and this second day was scheduled for the seniors. The events include Individual Kata, Individual Kumite and Team Kata for both men and women. The championship witnessed some well fought heated fights and nice kata that displayed good form, kime, rhythm and great attitude. The JKA Kolkata goodwill championship that attended by over 300 participants concluded successfully with no major injury, hard work of the officials and support staffs and fare judgements done by JKAWF INDIA Kolkata licensed and trainee judges and JKAI seniors of West Bengal with great camaraderie.
The JKAWF INDIA Kolkata wishes to thank the JKA Headquarters for their approval and support for this event and Omura Shihan for his visit and teaching, so patiently.


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