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【Hungary】Budapest Gasshuku 2023 International Training Camp – Report

【Hungary】Budapest Gasshuku 2023 International Training Camp – Report

【Hungary】Budapest Gasshuku 2023 International Training Camp – Report

JKA Hungary held the traditional annual international Summer Gasshuku between the 12-15th July, 3 days after the 65th JKA All Japan Karate-do Championship.
We would deeply thank Kurihara Kazuaki Sensei to return to teach in Europe 1 week after the Czech Gasshuku, and to Hirose Hikaru Sensei to come and instruct us 3 days after the competition.
Kurihara Sensei’s first visit to Hungary was in 2015, we had to skip 2 camps due to the covid restrictions, this year was his 7th Gasshuku in Hungary. Hirose Sensei came for the first time.

Over 300 karatekas from 13 countries visited Budapest this year. 9 trainings in 4 days, we held 6 trainings in split groups (black belts and color belts). During the trainings we were focusing on the following points:

Basic technics in different stances, shifting body weight between the stances and executing technics and movements in different directions.

Taikyoku shodan, shitei katas, sentei katas, Sochin. On the last day the main focus was on Unsu, reviewed the kata in details.
We checked the standard bunkai also for all the katas and examined some details that are important for judging purposes.

The main focus of the camp was on partner excercises. We talked about the difference between executing a basic technic in kihon and applying it in kumite, also focused on unsoku.
Practiced different kumite exercises (yakusoku kumite, jiyu kumite, special combinations) and always kept in mind the right distance and the different ways to time a technic.
We got a lot of practice time and support to understand deai technics as well.
Through different exercises we have learnt the right way of defense and the practical ways to attack (focusing on the proper posture, using our eyes, understanding the right directions, the importance of breathing and unsoku).

Thursday evening the Senseis had dinner with the club leaders.
Friday afternoon we had the dan grading with the following results:

Shodan: 15 people
Nidan: 6 people
Sandan: 6 people
Godan: 1 person
Instructor D: 1 person

We had the banquett on Saturday evening where the succesful examinees got their results and JKA passes in front of 200 participants.

We would like to say thank you for the support of the JKA HQ and the high level instructions we received from Kurihara Kazuaki and Hirose Hikaru Senseis.

Our next year Gasshuku in 2024 will be the 50th anniversary of JKA Hungary.


Budapest, 22nd July 2023.

Krepsz János
JKA Hungary


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