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【HAWAII】Report of Gassyuku (Summer Seminar) Hawaii ‘18

【HAWAII】Report of Gassyuku (Summer Seminar) Hawaii ‘18

【HAWAII】Report of Gassyuku (Summer Seminar) Hawaii ‘18

Report of Gassyuku (Summer Seminar) Hawaii ‘18









The long waited JKA Hawaii Special Summer Camp with Master Ogura was scheduled on August 25 & 26.

While we were excited about welcoming Master Ogura to Hawaii, the news of Hurricane Lane which was initially forecasted as the biggest hurricane to hit Hawaii for the first time in 26 years got us all worried.

We were afraid that Master Ogura might not be able to make it to Hawaii.  Even I received a call from Master Ueki who was worried about the weather.

Despite the forecast, the impact from the hurricane was minimal in Oahu.  Master Ogura was able to arrive Honolulu safely and we were able to hold the camp as planned.

Under the late Master Mori’s direction, I started JKA Hawaii in Honolulu 15 years ago.  Ever since then, it had been my dream to hold such a camp in Hawaii which is located between Japan and US Mainland.

It was such an honor to have the great teacher like Master Ogura from the headquarters to this small club in Hawaii.  All of us at JKA Hawaii were more than excited to have such an opportunity.

Having Master Ogura teach us was so inspiring and we were able to have five young Karate-ka pass the Shodan test.

We had a total of 32 karate-ka joined including some from other island during the two-day camp.  It was such a great camp and we look forward to holding another one in the near future.



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