Home » Reports » 【GERMANY】JKA Shokukai Germany Natsu no Keiko with Yutaro Ogane Sensei in Lollar Germany

【GERMANY】JKA Shokukai Germany Natsu no Keiko with Yutaro Ogane Sensei in Lollar Germany

【GERMANY】JKA Shokukai Germany Natsu no Keiko with Yutaro Ogane Sensei in Lollar Germany

【GERMANY】JKA Shokukai Germany Natsu no Keiko with Yutaro Ogane Sensei in Lollar Germany

It has been the great privilege of JKA Shokukai Germany to welcome JKA Honbu instructor Yutaro Ogane Sensei for a two-day Seminar in Lollar from June 17 to 18.

As Lollar is situated in middle of Germany near Frankfurt we welcome Sensei already on Tuesday 13. Knowing the hard Jetlag problems coming from Japan we decide to have Sensei to recover from the flight by using the time having site seeing by visiting the numerous places which are so easy to reach such Koblenz, Marburg, Frankfurt am Main.

The nearby City of Marburg with the Elisabeth Church, the Castle on the Hill and the Four season Restaurant had make a great relaxing day after that long trip from Japan.

In Koblenz after having a river cruise where we taste the excellent Riesling wine of the famous German Moselle area, we visit the historical Castle and as well the tasty Winninger Restaurant of the Winninger Wine domain.

Of course a must be is Frankfurt am Main – our Manhattan with the shopping area Zeil, Main River and of course the famous new restored Romer and Old City been as well our top Address. We close the Day in the Iroha Japanese Restaurant.

Saturday, we had the Seminar – it was simple impressive and amazing in the same time. There been 220 participants from entire Germany, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, France and Romania.

Ogane sensei build up by showing in detail the body mechanics for the right smouth and explosive koshi o Kiru.

Sensei starts by teaching how the drop movement of the body in combination with the Hil and knee action is bringing the hip in a smooth and almost automatic rotation.

It was extremely impressive how smooth and accurate Sensei use the body in his movements it was unbelievable, and we recognize his intense work from his High school and University Training with Naka Sensei.

All Sensei here present been happy to have such a deep and methodical build up for Zenkutsu, Kokutsu and Kiba Dachi which after we again recognize impressive in the transition to Heian Kata but as well in Jion and Sochin.

Even color Belt enjoy and learn a lot green, blue and brown belts say – Sensei now we understand what to do with the hip and Dachi Ogane Sensei explanation open our eyes.

Very impressive and excellent for us was to learn from Sensei the amazing transition between the Sochin Dachi by using the hip. We could stop wondering how smooth that transition by Sensei was.

Everybody been very happy and left the Seminar with joy and wish to quickly study in the home dojo. Almost everyday we get messages about the Seminar emphasing this so detailed Seminar.

All of this shows how important it is to have often contact with Honbu Dojo instructors.
The hard work and impulses which all send in the Karate World are so extremely important for developing a strong and accurate Karate.

The accuracy of Ogane Sensei we all recognize how much more we need to train in order to lift up our own Standards.
We are all extremely thankful to Honbu Dojo Japan for sending us Ogane Sensei to Germany. We will work hard to come to the necessary standards.

Domo arigato gozaimashita Sensei

One Way JKA!


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