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【GERMANY】Dojo Yamato Düsseldorf Special 2023

【GERMANY】Dojo Yamato Düsseldorf Special 2023

【GERMANY】Dojo Yamato Düsseldorf Special 2023

After the Yamato Special could not take place in recent years due to the Corona Pandemic, the Dojo Yamato now had the opportunity to make up for the event on site in Dusseldorf from April 21st to 23rd.

As in previous years, the renowned JKA Headquarter Instructor Okuma Shihan has been invited to this special event in Dusseldorf. Also the young, dynamic JKA Instructor Igarashi Sensei, who stands out for his precise and fast techniques, was part of the Special Event, which had been organized by the Dojo Yamato in Dusseldorf.

As at the previous Dusseldorf Special (2019), both JKA Instructors Okuma Shihan and Igarashi Sensei could again inspire the participants. In the training sessions, the basic principles of JKA karate were taught. By means of well-founded exercises, theoretical and technical explanations, the basic principles of body dynamics in Shotokan Karate were demonstrated. A profound and methodical course, which could enrich all Kyu grades and Dan holders with useful know-how, so that on all levels (students and trainers) an added value was created.

Igarashi Sensei could already convince with his dynamic and precise techniques at the last Dusseldorf Special. By means of application-related demonstrations, he inspired the more than 300 participants at the Dusseldorf Special 2023.

Due to the unique conditions in Germany, not only JKA Karate could be taught at the Dusseldorf Special. The participants also had the opportunity to experience the Japanese culture in Dusseldorf after the training sessions. Düsseldorf has one of the largest Japanese quarters with many Japanese stores and restaurants. The course was also very useful from the point of view of networking – so karatekas could get to know each other and exchange ideas. In addition, this year we were able to welcome participants from 8 countries (including Switzerland, Italy, Chile, Malta, France, etc.) in Dusseldorf – our Dusseldorf Special could thus also find interested parties on an international level.

Also our Japanese guests Okuma Shihan and Igarashi Sensei were able to get in the best possible mood for the training sessions in Dusseldorf (also called Little Tokyo). We would like to thank Okuma Shihan and Igarashi Sensei on behalf of Dojo Yamato and its members for the instructive seminar. We only got positive feedback from the participants. We hope to welcome them again for the next Dusseldorf Special.


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