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【GERMANY】 International Winter Gasshuku in Bad Camberg with Naka Shihan

【GERMANY】 International Winter Gasshuku in Bad Camberg with Naka Shihan

【GERMANY】 International Winter Gasshuku in Bad Camberg with Naka Shihan

On 15.-17. of February 2019 we had the opportunity to welcome Naka Shihan (7th DAN, JKA HQs) as an instructor for our Seminar in Bad Camberg. Patrick Jokl, who maintains a strong relationship with Naka Shihan for over 20 Years, was able to host the event with kind aproval of Ochi Shihan (9th DAN, Chiefinstructor JKA Germany).

Bad Camberg is located in the middle of Germany just 60 kilometers and a 30-minutes drive away from the City of Frankfurt and Frankfurt International airport with many historical sites in the middle of a mountain area. JKA Bad Camberg is member of JKA Germany and part of a network of three local Dojos (JKA Bad Camberg, JKA Hofen and JKA Taunusstein).

Around 280 participants from 9 countries (Ireland, France, Japan, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, England and Germany) came to Bad Camberg and experienced a high class instructional course from Naka Shihan. The seminar targeted students starting from 5th Kyu and above. First-timers as well as people who already know Naka Shihan from several other seminars came together to train and improve on their karate skills.

Naka Shihan put the focus of this seminar on three principles of Budo Karate for daily practice in our training: posture (shisei), breathing (kokyū) and movement of center of gravity (jūshin idō). All three principles were practiced in kihon, kata and kumite throughout the seminar.

During evening time on Friday and Saturday around 100 people joined dinner with Naka Shihan to continue on exchange of karate topics and enhance karate friendships.

Sunday morning started with an instructor class for brown and black belts to emphasize and explain the theoretical basis of the three principles mentioned above. After the last training and a short closing ceremony, the seminar was over.

We would like to thank Naka Shihan for a wonderful and inspiring weekend, Ochi Shihan and the Board from JKA Germany for their trust and the opportunity to host this event and we look forward to our next Winter Gasshuku in Bad Camberg with Naka Shihan in March 2020.


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