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【GERMANY】 International Gasshuku for Ukraine (21-23 October 2022)

【GERMANY】 International Gasshuku for Ukraine (21-23 October 2022)

【GERMANY】 International Gasshuku for Ukraine (21-23 October 2022)

JKA Munich has held a special Gasshuku for Ukraine with Tatsuya Naka Shihan this Autumn.

From the registration, we have announced that all entry fees will be donating to Ukraine.  In October, 170 people has gathered from more than 15 countries included Kyrgyzstan in Munich. Also, we made a success to invite 42 kids who trains at JKA Ukraine. JKA Ukraine Chief instructors, Alex has commented:” It was the amazing opportunity for the kids and this weekend was such a wonderful time as we went back to Ukraine before.”

Training was taken place with 5 parts in one group;

21th (Fri) 1) 20:00-21:30

22th (Sat)   2) 9:30-11:30,  3) 12:00-13:30,  4) 15:00-17:30

23th (Sun)  5) 10:00-11:30

It begins from Kihon and kihon kumite combinations, and details of Heian Kata and Sentei Kata. The Kata trainings reached to how to really use the techniques by explaining Bunkai with many Bujutsu techniques next two day. Through every part of the training, Naka sensei has explained the details of the Body manipulation of Budo. His explanation was very fascinating that we all (from colour belt to black belt) can enjoy, easily understand and soon to use!

The last day of the training, we distributed a handmade Japanese Miso soup to all participants and ate together. This was our feeling of thank you for coming! and also sharing the feeling, we all had a good trained!

The biggest point of this Gasshuku was that we could trained together with kids from JKA Ukraine. Naka sensei was very happy to see their smiles and their effort to the training. Our chief instructor, Almritter was shocked to hear the new development of world affairs at the beginning of this year. He has wondered himself there would be something he could also do for it. At the moment, coincidently, he got a message from Naka Shihan with the Idea of this Gasshuku for Ukraine.

Japan has a mentality that always protecting people who is in the weak situations. The Budo that we learn is not only training and learning Techniques, but also cultivating and improving our character, to be a man of truth, in order to contribute to our country, society and to the World peace.

We hope the world goes the peace way,
Many thankful for all who came to our Gasshuku,

JKA one family


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