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Condolences from JKA/WF BELARUS

Condolences from JKA/WF BELARUS

Condolences from JKA/WF BELARUS

To: JKA/WF Sohonbu Dojo, JKA/WF UKRAINE, All JKA/WF Members in Europe


JKA/WF BELARUS express our deepest condolences to the family of JKA on behalf of the murder of little Lisa.

Previously we expressed our solidarity with the people of Ukraine and our anger to any kind of aggression. We can’t stand the fact that numerous members of JKA from certain territory support the war against Ukraine, they do it in public by posting in their social accounts letters Z and V, aggressive comments etc.

Also we regret that the territory of Belarus is being used by Russian troops. We, the members of JKA from Belarus stand with Ukrainian people for peace.

When we see in social accounts of the Russian members posts in the support of this war followed by photos and screenshots from JKA online seminars our hearts are being filled with sorrow.

Many members from Belarus have expressed a desire to attend the JKA’s spring online Gasshuku and take Dan gradings. The executive board of JKA WF BELARUS have decided that it would be  unfair and mean towards our friends from Ukraine who don’t have such an opportunity because of the war started because of the reasons we can’t understand.

Once again we apologize for being involved in the atrocity against our free will  we regret that our friends suffer and die.

With deepest condolences,


Dmitry Osika,

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