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【CANADA】The Annual Montreal Spring Camp-2021

【CANADA】The Annual Montreal Spring Camp-2021

【CANADA】The Annual Montreal Spring Camp-2021

The Annual Montreal Spring Camp-2021 hosted by Nuns’ Island-JKA-CANADA was held this year online on May 22nd and 23rd. Unfortunately, the 2020 spring camp was cancelled last year due to sudden announcement of the spread of corona virus.  This year’s camp was a total success with a total of 39 participants. We performed six hours of training between our colour as well as brown and black belts. The participants consisted of a large group of adults as well as 9 children spread out into different classes; the students ranked from 8th kyu to Yon Dan.

The camp was performed with our guess instructor sensei Mark Deschatelets-6th Dan-JKA and myself. Sensei Deschatelets covered important kihon training drills as well as Taikyoku Shodan, five Heian Kata, Tekki-Shodan as well as Kihon ippon and Jyu Ippon kumite; while I covered Tekki Nidan, Tekki Sandan, Bassai Dai, Jion, Jitte and Hangetsu as well as Jyu kumite drills.

We also performed Ni Dan as well as Examiner qualification Exams.

We are looking forward in participating at the next Gasshuku with our world-wide JKA family in Tokyo, Japan.

Thank you very much
Arigato gozaemasu

Shahrokh Hoghooghi


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