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【Canada】Summary of Ueda sensei

【Canada】Summary of Ueda sensei

【Canada】Summary of Ueda sensei

In June JKA BC hosted Ueda Sensei in the Western part of Canada, in Chilliwack British Columbia. We had many excited Karate practitioners anticipating the training as we hadn’t had a JKA instructor here since before the pandemic.

As it turned out, our excitement was justified. Ueda Sensei gave an exceptional seminar on JKA basics, kata movements, and kumite skills. His rapport with the students was phenomenal. His instruction and teaching skill were excellent. We were so happy to get to know Ueda Sensei and his technical skill, and teaching ability.

We also were able to show Ueda Sensei Canadian style camping! We took him to a BC provincial park in our trailer for a couple days of camping fun. We were pleased to be able to show him a true Canadian outodoor experience with swimming, camping, and hiking.

We would love to have Ueda Sensei back again and look forward to our next JKA Honbu dojo guest instructor, Shiina Sensei in August.


Salvina Sharp
District Principal – Student Services

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