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【CANADA】JKA-SKD Canada 2019 Gasshuku

【CANADA】JKA-SKD Canada 2019 Gasshuku

【CANADA】JKA-SKD Canada 2019 Gasshuku

JKA-SKD Canada 2019 Gasshuku

The Canadian Gasshuku was held in Montreal, Canada, from August 29 to September 1, 2019, organized by JKA-SKD Canada with JKA chief instructor Ueki Masaaki Shihan, Imura Takenori Sensei and Igarashi Tatsuro Sensei. Over 230 Karateka gathered from across Canada, the United States and Europe and trained hard together for 4 days.

At the opening ceremony, Ueki Sensei emphasized the importance of KIHON, especially for instructors to teach correct techniques, so that we can all take part in passing on the proper JKA Shotokan Karate-Do to the future. Under passionate and engaging instruction by all three instructors, this Gasshuku was filled with many memorable moments for the participants.


JKA-SKD Canada 2019 合宿

カナダ、モントリオールにおいてJKA-SKD Canada主催の合宿が8月29日から9月1日まで開催されました。日本空手協会総本部、主席師範植木政明先生をはじめ、井村武憲先生、五十嵐達朗先生の指導の下、参加者230名はカナダ全国のみならず、アメリカ、ヨーロッパからも集まり共に4日間汗を流しました。



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