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JKA Belgium was very excited to once again host a JKA Europe seminar in the European capital Brussels after a period of 3 years (yes, covid reigns everywhere). It’s always nice to get together as a JKA-family to train, exchange ideas … And there is always more than enough to talk about when we meet each other, surely after a silence of almost three years. The perfect excuse for catching up with a Belgian beer.

On Thursday, all instructors already arrived on Belgian soil: Ueki Shuseki Shihan – Chief instructor JKA WF, Bura sensei – Chief instructor JKA Europe and Hakizume sensei – JKA HQ Japan.

They were warmly welcomed by Gneo sensei – Chief instructor JKA Belgium.

About 500 participants from all over Europe travelled to Brussels for an instructional seminar on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 November 2022. In addition to the various instructions, the program included the following parts:

  • Kihon : important points.
  • Kumite : important points for kihon ippon kumite.
  • Kata : standardization, rhythm & counting of kata, how to use kime/hikite/koshi kaiten/tachi kata & enbusen.

Each instructor gave his input to the instructional trainings, with Hakizume sensei, the youngest, quickly winning everyone’s hearts with his dynamic and technical execution of the various kata he demonstrated. Meanwhile Ueki Shuseki Shihan sharply supervised every technic and replacement in the dojo.

These points were practiced throughout the following kata : Bassai Dai, Kanku Dai, Enpi, Jion, Hangetsu and Gojushiho Sho. So, there were more than enough points to work on during those two days of the seminar. And most of all: we received a lot of tips and tricks to take home and use in our daily practice.

In addition to these instructional courses, participants could also take part in the various exams:

  • Qualifications for judge, examiner and/or instructor (from level D until level A). The written exams took place on Friday and Saturday, while the practical ones were done on Sunday.
  • Exams for dan-degrees (from 1st dan until 7th dan) were foreseen for Sunday.

Each JKA Europe seminar is very intense, because there is always a lot to do in a short time. There are also the emotions associated with participating and (not) passing the exams. But we can all agree: we see you all next time!

Thank you so much to the instructors, the organization and of course to the participants.

Kind regards,

Andy Willaert
President JKA Belgium





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