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【BELGIUM】Report of examination in JKA Belgium – 7 and 14 august 21

【BELGIUM】Report of examination in JKA Belgium – 7 and 14 august 21

【BELGIUM】Report of examination in JKA Belgium – 7 and 14 august 21

After several postponements due to the Covid pandemic, the Dan grading in JKA Belgium was able to take place in August to the great satisfaction of nearly 80 waiting candidates.

Our first gratitude goes to Ueki Shuseki Shihan, who gave us the permission to hold the Dan Grading and also to Ogura Sensei who was leading together with the Examination Committee of JKA Belgium the Dan grading Yondan and Godan.

With very strict sanitary conditions, JKA Belgium organized several preparatory courses for these exams.

The exams were held over two Saturdays, the first session bringing together the candidates Shodan, Nidan and Sandan, with 38 shodan, 17 nidan and 8 sandan.

This Dan Grading was held with the Belgium Examination Committee, composed with Examiners with JKA  Examiners Licenses

The second session bringing together candidates Yondan and Godan (10 in total) took place the following Saturday by videoconference with the Honbu Dojo in Japan under the supervision of Ogura Sensei with the gratitude for his availability and professionalism.

The many successes in these tests have rewarded and remotivated all practitioners after the difficult period crossed by the Covid.

We hope that we can restart in 2022 to organize Gasshuku where we will be happy to welcome again JKA HQ instructors in Belgium.


Secretary JKA Belgium


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