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【AUSTRALIA】the JKA KDA Western Australia Gasshuku

【AUSTRALIA】the JKA KDA Western Australia Gasshuku

【AUSTRALIA】the JKA KDA Western Australia Gasshuku



What a memorable and successful week of JKA Karate!

Special thanks to JKAHQ for dispatching Master S. Izumiya senior JKAHQ director to the JKA KDA Western Australia Gasshuku held 24th -27th May 2023. JIM WOOD MBE Shihan organised this amazing Master Camp which took place in his custom built JKA Dojo in Mandurah WA.

The Dojo atmosphere was electric and buzzing at all lessons with mostly High Kyu and Dan grades. Izumiya Shihan, fit and on top form as usual throughout the week emphasising the Key features and requirements in Kihon Kata and Kumite. All Ju -go Kata and Bassai – Sho with extraordinary Bunkai taught in detail, very impressive indeed. Shihan’s sweeping demonstrations were exceptional.

The senior “adult -only white belt class” was impressed with Izumiya Shihan’s manner, catering in detail for their level, and soon put them all at ease, saying it is never too late to start Karate.

JKA Students travelled from Adelaide, Singapore, Melbourne, and Perth Dojos for a sensational week of special training with this top JKA Karate master and champion. JKA KDA extended a warm welcome to other JKA group visitors. Students were not disappointed and enjoyed Shihan’s quality and unique training skills with great personality over the five intense days of study.

Endless photo shoots with smiling faces of students during the week in the Dojo, and the private Japanese style garden specifically designed for all JKAHQ visiting instructors and students.
Congratulations to all students who passed Dan grading and accreditation examinations.

During his visit, Izumiya Shihan affirmed to everyone why we practice JKA Karate with the many rewards on offer.

From all participants, thank you, Izumiya Shihan for a great and memorable week. A return visit is already in the planning.


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The Prime Minister Cup and the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports Cup are awarded to the national convention hosted by the Society.